With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Maven aims to provide a platform to empower young adults in managing their finances responsibly.

Mobile App
Credits: Sean Bacon & Bradford Prairie

The key challenge was to create a user-friendly interface that effectively addressed the unique financial challenges faced by young adults. Research was conducted, including surveys among the target audience of Gen-Z and Millennials aged between 23 and 37. The goal was to resonate with a younger audience and make the app inviting, easy to use, and friendly.

building a foundation

Maven's modern design incorporates simple shapes as a powerful visual representation of the fundamental building blocks of financial literacy and responsible money management. Just as a solid structure relies on a stable foundation, Maven encourages users to establish a strong understanding of financial principles by providing intuitive tools and educational resources.


A seamless onboarding process designed to simplify account creation and help users define their financial goals.

credit score

The app provides you with regular credit score updates, allowing them to monitor your progress and track any changes over time.

set your goals

Define your financial aspirations and create actionable goals that align with your unique needs.


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