An innovative app designed to foster a seamless connection between early childhood educators and parents to support the holistic development of children.

UI/UX Design
Credits: Sean Bacon & Bradford Prairie

One of the key challenges  in developing Bloom was striking a delicate balance between simplicity and functionality. The goal was to create an app that didn't burden teachers or parents with additional work, but rather streamlined communication and enhanced their understanding of a child's daily experiences.


 A quick and easy onboarding process that allows parents to create an account.

scheduling made easy

The app allows parents to easily schedule and connect with their child's teacher

development tracker

Teachers can easily keep track of a child's development and keep parents informed


The process involved carefully curating a selection of typefaces and exploring vibrant color combinations, such as the bright hues found in Filipino ingredients, such as ube and mango. I prioritized readability in the design hierarchy and created a dynamic visual identity that captures Busog's essence while embracing modern trends. With this approach, I aimed to appeal to both new and existing audiences, showcasing Filipino cuisine in a contemporary and trend-setting manner.


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